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When do we meet?

We try to meet every second Thursday, meeting dates are listed on the website. We hold the meetings at Level 2, 123 Spencer Street, Bunbury WA.

What happens at the meetings?

We know it takes courage to come to a group.  You won’t have to talk if you don’t want to – many people don’t, particularly the first time that they come.  You don’t have to come again – you don’t even have to stay for the whole session if you decide it’s not for you.  But most people return after their first meeting and find that over time, they gain the confidence to speak about themselves.  After a while they may also find they can offer support to others.  If you come to a group but decide that it is not the right thing for you at this time, you are welcome to return at a later date when you feel ready.

Is a group right for me?

We are all different so groups are not right for everyone – and we are not all ready to try them at the same time.   You are welcome to contact us at any time, and will answer any questions you may have and will help you to understand if it may be beneficial for you.  If you don’t find the group helpful, you don’t have to stay or return – although you could also find that the group is the right thing to try again later in your bereavement.

What do you talk about?

The topics discussed vary from week to week but often includes people sharing their story, how they are feeling, what has happened since their last group visit, questions about coroners and discussions about common challenges such as anniversaries, supporting children or facing triggers.

I’m nervous, I don’t know if I can face all those people?

Most of us are nervous when we attend our first session, it can take a lot of courage.  You are welcome to bring a relative or friend with you for support.  You won’t have to talk at all if you don’t want to – many people find that they can’t at their first session.  Everyone in the room will have experienced bereavement by suicide – it is a place where you can know that others have some understanding of what you are experiencing and that they are not judging you.

Is it a counselling session?

No – groups are about self help, connecting people who have been bereaved so that they can support and share with each other.  Some people attend groups as well as counselling sessions. If you want to find out more about counselling services, talk with your GP or have a chat with our counsellor to see what works for you.

Who are the group leaders?

Our groups are led by our trained volunteers.  We typically have a team of 3 or more volunteers supporting each group.  All of our group leaders have been bereaved by suicide themselves, with a varying rage of grief times and experiences.

Do I have to pay?

No, our meetings are free to attend.  We provide tea, coffee and something yum to munch on if you want, all free of charge.

Is there a waiting list?

We do not have waiting lists.  It is preferred that you contact us by phone, or through the event on Facebook, to let us know that you are coming for your first visit.  This will prepare the group for seating and to help with planning topics to discuss. After that you may attend as often as you wish.

How many meetings can I come to?

You can come as often as you wish.  We all have different needs – some people come more frequently initially and then attend less regularly over time.  Others attend every fortnight and others come sporadically.  Some people stop coming but after a time something changes or happens which gives rise to feelings that they would like to talk about.  Some people return even though they are feeling much stronger because they want to support newer group members.

Does it matter that my bereavement happened a long time ago?

We know that the impact of a bereavement by suicide is long lasting and that many people do not find an opportunity to talk about it until many years after.  You are welcome to attend our group regardless of how long it has been.

Shining Hope Provide:

  • Peer Group Meetings
  • Postvention Support
  • Practical Assistance
  • Professional Counselling
  • Therapeutic Activities

upcoming meetings 

Thursday 13th May – 6.30 – 8.30pm Thursday 27th May – 6.30 – 8.30pm Thursday 10th June 2021 – 6.30 – 8.30pm

Location: 9 Ramsay Street Bunbury, WA

All welcome to attend, tea coffee and bikkies provided

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We welcome all volunteers, especially during fundraising event times. Volunteers who have experience in mental health issues (personal or professional) are highly welcome.



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